Same Day Garage Door Repair in Calgary

garage door maintenance service


garage door maintenance service In Calgary

Annual garage door service is essential to ensure your garage door is operating safely & effectively & will extend the life of your garage door & automatic opener. Garage Door Maintenance Calgary

Our garage doors have become our most used item in our homes as most of us use the garage as the front door. Problems & costly repairs can be avoided with regular annual servicing and maintenance.

How often? Annually, we highly recommend a service to your garage door & motor unit every 1 years to prevent any unnecessary wear & tear on all moving components & strain on your motor unit.

What do we do? In an annual preventative maintenance service to a garage door we lubricate, tension, check & test all parts of your garage door. This may seem like an easy job but as our technicians are highly skilled in what they do they make this task look too easy. They know all the tricks to ensure your garage door is at its best operation. Garage Door Maintenance Calgary

Book a garage door service with My Garage Door Services today & ask to be added to our data base where we will contact your annually to remind, you are your service is due.


When you call us for a service or repair of your garage door, you can expect a fast and effective response no matter where it is that you’re located in Calgary. We can solve a huge range of issues, from servicing or replacing the motor to fixing a jammed door, an unresponsive remote control, broken or worn torsion springs, and even snapped cables. With our extensive industry experience and a reputation for excellent customer care, we aim to provide lasting solutions without breaking the bank.


Why are we different?

Well, for starters, you won’t be dealing with a sub-contractor. With direct access to  the man on the job you know exactly what is happening at all times.

We are working with all types of garage doors we’re an obvious choice. We have the knowledge and experience to do the work properly and quickly. You benefit by getting the best of both worlds, know-how and efficiency.